BIT.GAME Attended the Elastos Community Meetup in Shanghai

On May 6th, the famous public chain, Elastos held a community meetup in Shanghai's state-level mass entrepreneurship space, "Pony Village Incubator". Kelvin Wong, COO of BIT.GAME, and Alex Wu, CTO of BIT.GAME, attended the meetup and delivered keynote speeches. In 2018, with capital being laid out to the blockchain field, the blockchain also faces the problem of application landing. Kelvin Wong says that the most imaginative application of the blockchain will be blockchain games.
He also said, "The blockchain games will experience three stages. Stage 1 is Data Mapping. A Token-based game economy system is simply establishing mapping between game assets and tokens. Blockchain games at this stage is still the simplest version that it has not reached the full utilization of the blockchain platform. Stage 2 is Data Decentralization. Game data can be transferred from off-chain to on-chain, but the playing method, game system and other data interaction centers are still centralized, thus to ensure that game data cannot be tampered with during the stored procedure. In the well-known blockchain game of CryptoKitties, users can only utilized limited functions of blockchain games at this stage and there is still much room to develop in the aspect of game-play. Stage 3 is Content Decentralization. The complete decentralization of game contents includes game assets, data, game-play methods, as well as game systems, these are all achieved through senior smart contracts. Players will be able to create new contents jointly with developers."
Alex Wu introduced BIT.GAME Solution to the present people. He said, "BIT.GAME Solution will not only help blockchain game developers solve the technical barriers, but also provide with an access into BIT.GAME Exchange to work out the value circulation barrier, to improve the whole blockchain game industry in a positive way." He also told people that game industry wouldn't put too much energy into teaching game players about blockchian technical knowledge. Therefore, for the blockchain games in data mapping stage, the IOU based circulation solution provided by BIT.GAME would effectively help the blockchain game developers cross the barriers. Game users could easily purchase, sale and transfer game Token in games.


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